Another Identity Game from Evan Iliadis – Surprise-

Surprise Surprise ( Not really..),

The wellknown cyberstalker Evan Iliadis shouting loudly all over the Internet has been caught by another big fat blatant (can I say Greek?) LIE.

His whole skyscraper of lies is falling apart again with a string of posts in the by his so often as “reference” from Living in Cebu forums.

Well,  here it comes.

Some time ago Mr. Chris Bennetts under the  “nome de Plum”  “Philippine Escape” warned the public about an undesirable Foreigner, mainly due to to personal Reasons and knowledge about this man. (Which are not important any more too stir up here again, the loss of his Child to a couple of drug addicts is harsh enough.) The Thread in question is here:

At a certain point and out of nowhere comes the gentleman, who has been warned about :

“Dean Marston” himself upon the plain as poster and member, as it seems……..

“He” only made 10 posts, because then the topic has run its course and was locked. Never to be heard of anywhere in the LinC, his member ID is still valid and open. But “controlled” of course..

What is interesting is, that at that time, Mr.Evan Iliadis was also very vivid and active member of  the same Living In Cebu Forums ( But that’s another funny post), and has already started his trolling activities or laid the groundwork for it. His Nome de Plum was “france06250” ( how secret, yawn ) and he was active in 2008 and 2009 raising nice topics with BS like this :

Which is coincidentally the Topic where he asks why he can not continue to post as Dean Marston.

Cyberstalker Evan Iliadis tries to defend his fake identity as Dean marston.

Evan Iliadis defends his Cyberstalking and Troll Identity

What ?? Yup- Mr. Evan Iliadis posted in the topic before as Dean Marston and now demands under his normal name to reopen the thread for his other ID as “Dean Marston “- an ID which was registered in Living-in-cebu-Forums with the following email :,

which leads to another of Evan’s fake profile  in facebook :  – he uses this and a few other profiles to distribute links to local Filipinos until facebook prohibited that to him.

Evan Iliadis probably forgot that he used that yahoo email a couple of time already… so he used it again in 2011 to open the fake facebook account. As well as he used this IP address a few other times for other purposes IP Address : (Ring a bell Evan ?)

So what do we have here now ?

A man ‘Chris Bennetts” who posted a warning about another foreigner who was wanted for rape and drug abuse as well as other criminal acts among other stuff.

Then Mr. Evan Iliadis reads this and participates in that Topic under a fake identity as the Person accused, namely Dean Marston. (Why not under his own name, or better his own user name, nobody knew who “France06250” was back then ?? Despicable Coward !)

So I am asking why would anyone do that ? Oh, I forgot, Mr. Iliadis is a cyberstalker.




Another “blackmail” by Evan Iliadis

Mr.Iliadis, as so many delusional Cybertrolls, really thinks that he has a certain ” power” over people and can “force” them to do what they demand.

Here is an Email I received from him, where he expects me to use “influence” at certain People, which of course I denied .evans demandFirst again the strange writing style in “riddle” form. Then follows one of his usual unprovoked insults. A truly “nice” person..

Then again the LIE and “bragging” about a non existent International “Team of Activists”, and the impertinent demand to mingle in an ongoing investigation by the Police and Prosecution of a sovereign nation. ( Which is criminal ! )

He asks that I seriously also shall go to an Embassy of another Nation…

and to ask Interpol to investigate in a local brawl, finally to top all this nonsense, I shall do that all behind the back of the real Victims and complainants of the Case in question ! (That is the couple he mentioned )

And all of this I shall do with evidence based upon several apparently “photoshopped” fuzzy Images he posted in his strange Blogs. Actually up to this point his blogs were not that strange, but lately they became unreadable and incomprehensible for anyone.

He then closes his email with the very threatening : “‘I’ll be waiting” which can only be taken out of of some violent movie ( Schwarzenegger ? )

This is what the Cyberstalker Evan Iliadis lately became, a poor 65 year old delusional Criminal. Does he realize the shame he projects on his Family ?

Anyhow, I think I have posted enough information about this “person”now. He will never stop blogging his Tirades of nonsense, but why not let him have his “hobby”. So if nothing extraordinary happens, I see this”affair” finished sufficiently for me.

If anyone wants to know more,he can contact me through this blog, I be  glad to help.

Thank you,

Guenther Vomberg

The Author, laughing about Evan Iliadis

Guenther Vomberg exposes the falsifications of Evan Iliadis

What most people do not realize, is that Mr. Iliadis falsifies a lot  ( if not all ) of his “Evidences”.

Because most people can not imagine the criminal energy such a cyberstalker can have. False facebook profiles, Photoshop, everything.

Another screenshot of Evan Iliadis Photoshopped fakes :

It isn’t even a good faking…

So- Mr. Iliadis “complains” ( who cares btw.) that I claim to work for the Philippine Government and to proove this, he makes up a facebook Page with the help of Photoshop and some public pictures of my google Plus profile.

Then he “Photoshops” the entire “Artworks”into a Skill Page and write his usual Lies.

I would say, this is “evidence” worse than a six year old child can manufacture…

And Mr. Iliadis is actually very much aware, that THIS IS NOT MY facebook Profile. He published facebook conversations he had with me in his blog, so he has my real facebook.

It is actually

And this is how it looks like…Not much about PhilippineGovernment. And the fact that I am a Commander at the Philippine Coastguard Auxiliary, is not deniable, even by Evan Iliadis. ( So he just defames the entire Volunteer Group and declares them as a “fun club”, but that is another post )

Guenther Vombergs real facebook.

Now what Evan also “hides” in his “Photoshop, is the fact that the Facebook profile he publishes over and over and proclaims as mine, shows a Restaurant Page ! LMAO

And my (Filipina) wife and staff runs the Page. Its is a clearly marked Restaurant Page. For fun we now added a few more Jobs there, because nobody cares where a Restaurant works… 🙂
and that is the original page:

The Real Stranded Shiscook Inn facebook page. And not Evan Iliadis fabricated one.

Now Evan Iliadis will probably proclaim, that I have faked my own facebook Page(s)…  

He is really that nuts !  🙂


Evan lliadis "real target" – an Internet Forum where he got banned.

This is another Email from “my” sick Cyberstalker.

Evan Iliadis real Target, a message board he hates so much.
This was sent to me directly

As one can see,  he is  claiming not to be alone.
“My target and my teams is not only Paul”.
Very interesting grammar, but aside of this,  isn’t it obvious that he has got some serious issues ?
“WE WILL PREVAIL there too”.

The language and choice of words is really really weird.

I don’t see also how I have to explain how I have to “get along” with a certain poster with “VIP member” status in that forum…

I mean, it is an Internet forum (Message board), consisting of thousands of people and even more posts.
And Mr. Iliadis lies here again, I am not a VIP member and never was one. I am an Elite member.
Which everybody over 200 post is….an automatic “title”. VIP is something I don’t know and don’t care either to become.

member Statistic from Living in cebu Forums
A statistic published by Mr. Iliadis himself.

This was a statistic published by Mr.Iliadis in one of his Blogs for another purpose.

I see only 468 thousand posts, 9462 members ( its over 10.000 now) and over 200 posts per/day !

So according to Mr.Iliadis, those are all Criminals and Sexpats ?

And then let us not forget, that Mr.Iliadis does not know any single person he accuses in his blogs.

As in my case, I even got proof in form of an email that he does not know me...or any wrong doing.

Still he makes his nonsense blogs.

But not for free anymore, he has to pay now to host them in an obscure Russian Domain.

But this is another “blog story”

Thank you

My cyberstalker and his lies – exposed with real proofs

Since a few months I am “followed” and “harrassed” by an apparently deranged Cyberstalker named Evan Iliadis.

The Cyber Harrasser Evan Iliadis

It all started relatively harmless, I contacted him in “facebook” to find out some proofs for his extreme harsh allegation against some Foreigners living in the Philippines.

I did not knew those Foreigners, most were not even Living in Cebu or the Philippines anymore, but I saw some of them participating in an Internet forum I joined a few months before.(Dec2010 to be exact, my first ever Forum Participation, I never had an Internet Connection before)

In his blogs he accused that forum to be a host of bad people ( I do not want to repeat the mostly false accusation ), an opinion, which I could not share.

However, after the usual “introductory smalltalk” between civilized People I did ask him for further ‘Evidence” of criminal behaviour in Particular of the  Person who owns that forum. (Entire Conversation here in another blog by another Target of Mr.Iliadis).

He told me to send me some, but nothing followed so I forgot about him and his Promise.
The Forum did not show any Posts of wrong doing or criminal behaviour, and even Mr.Iliadis, “my” Cyberstalker, did until today not send any proof of any of his allegations.

However, a few weeks later Mr. Iliadis suddenly started to publish Lies and Allegations against MY Person in his nonsense blogs, which lead to renewed facebook Conversations.

And apparently he DID react and took his first initial “blog”of and even posted a retraction and apology.
But only for a week or so, then he started again.

Not that I have anything in particular, he simply makes up all those lies and somewhat it is really funny…

The best Part is,that he ADMITS, that he does not know me at all. I got an email from one of his former “Informers” ,or better said,an entire “string”of a conversation between them about me…

Here is the Screenshot of the email

Original Email Communication from a former “Friend” of Mr.Iliadis.

As one can see, his hate is against the Forum Owner, Paul, and he does not have anything in particular against me at all.  

More Important – He admits that he know nothing really about me and has nothing to link me with any wrong doing !!!

So- the Cyberstalker Mr.Iliadis felt that it is time to “Lambast” me… 

Interesting view into the “soul”of a cyberstalker

Another interesting aspect though is the latter part of the email, where he already starts to lie to his (then still “friend”) – albeit absolutely unnecessary.

One can see the actual facebook conversations in another window and look at his email to his (then still “friend”) Apparently Mr.Iliadis already has some troubles with the truth there.
I call him a friend ?? I sent messages 5 times a day ?? Begging him to restore my name ??
What does this Cyberstalker thinks he is ? And where are all those revelations ?

Mr.Iliadis is apparently very very  troubled.

But this will be in another Post with more emails from the Cyberstalker himself.