Another Identity Game from Evan Iliadis – Surprise-

Surprise Surprise ( Not really..),

The wellknown cyberstalker Evan Iliadis shouting loudly all over the Internet has been caught by another big fat blatant (can I say Greek?) LIE.

His whole skyscraper of lies is falling apart again with a string of posts in the by his so often as “reference” from Living in Cebu forums.

Well,  here it comes.

Some time ago Mr. Chris Bennetts under the  “nome de Plum”  “Philippine Escape” warned the public about an undesirable Foreigner, mainly due to to personal Reasons and knowledge about this man. (Which are not important any more too stir up here again, the loss of his Child to a couple of drug addicts is harsh enough.) The Thread in question is here:

At a certain point and out of nowhere comes the gentleman, who has been warned about :

“Dean Marston” himself upon the plain as poster and member, as it seems……..

“He” only made 10 posts, because then the topic has run its course and was locked. Never to be heard of anywhere in the LinC, his member ID is still valid and open. But “controlled” of course..

What is interesting is, that at that time, Mr.Evan Iliadis was also very vivid and active member of  the same Living In Cebu Forums ( But that’s another funny post), and has already started his trolling activities or laid the groundwork for it. His Nome de Plum was “france06250” ( how secret, yawn ) and he was active in 2008 and 2009 raising nice topics with BS like this :

Which is coincidentally the Topic where he asks why he can not continue to post as Dean Marston.

Cyberstalker Evan Iliadis tries to defend his fake identity as Dean marston.

Evan Iliadis defends his Cyberstalking and Troll Identity

What ?? Yup- Mr. Evan Iliadis posted in the topic before as Dean Marston and now demands under his normal name to reopen the thread for his other ID as “Dean Marston “- an ID which was registered in Living-in-cebu-Forums with the following email :,

which leads to another of Evan’s fake profile  in facebook :  – he uses this and a few other profiles to distribute links to local Filipinos until facebook prohibited that to him.

Evan Iliadis probably forgot that he used that yahoo email a couple of time already… so he used it again in 2011 to open the fake facebook account. As well as he used this IP address a few other times for other purposes IP Address : (Ring a bell Evan ?)

So what do we have here now ?

A man ‘Chris Bennetts” who posted a warning about another foreigner who was wanted for rape and drug abuse as well as other criminal acts among other stuff.

Then Mr. Evan Iliadis reads this and participates in that Topic under a fake identity as the Person accused, namely Dean Marston. (Why not under his own name, or better his own user name, nobody knew who “France06250” was back then ?? Despicable Coward !)

So I am asking why would anyone do that ? Oh, I forgot, Mr. Iliadis is a cyberstalker.




7 thoughts on “Another Identity Game from Evan Iliadis – Surprise-

  1. It gets even more interesting than that if you search the forum for his original profile as France06250 you start to see this is a miserable guy. His claim to own 3000sqm of Mahogany and other things are all false. There may be mahogany but for a start he is a foreigner with no capital, but his wife’s family may own it and he just likes to stick his name on it like many other things. But its not hard to see he is miserable with his time in the Philippines and seems to have had issues with the relatives. Doesn’t really talk about it too much but you can read between the lines in his postings to see he has serious issues while living here.

    Then made the fatal mistake of keeping in touch with forums etc. when moving to France (after his claim of having to leave due to medical condition issues of his children). Fabricated he’s on about his mental state I believe. But why would you keep your toe in a country your not coming back to and you have nothing of value to? If anything disliking the experience you had because it didn’t match your expectations??

    Because the fact is he’s bitter that others succeeded here, others have businesses, others are doing well here. All of that bothers him to no end. Adding on top of that is the fact his only voice is the internet, locally nobody knows him which shows how much his “charitable” work had an impact on the local community. I just gave away a few PC’s last week did I need to stick it in my profile?? Answer is no.. because a good deed should be without self publicity we are about good deeds not lifting my own chair.

    He’s unhappy with everything he does and talks about. He hates me for the same thing as others here. WE ARE ON THE INTERNET AND USE FORUMS AND BLOGS. Which in his mind is some sort of crime, or should I say he cannot leave them alone he sits and reads everything as its published and then writes nonsense about it. He’s bitter and twisted beyond belief. Why would you bother with someone you don’t even like? In forums there is sub sections for this reason because people move from one forum to another if they clash with someone online. Because normal people realise there is no value in arguing over things people will never agree on. What is the point?? For Evan though this is a lifetime commitment since 2005 when he realised his life was a failure in the Philippines and now everyone else should have to be bothered with his dummy throwing.

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  3. The odd thing is out of all this the only thing I can see is a very disturbed Evan Iliadis. The other people involved (besides Dean Marston) are just normal people. Most are family orientated expats yet the dysfunctional person as usual is Evan himself. His fake persona he tries to pass off as something special yet where is any proof of any achievements or in fact FACTS. Its all just made up by the mad man.

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  5. This is a perfect example of how trolling works, he’s picked up the name “Dean Marston” in the thread and instantly takes on the pseudo. He’s done this several times I am aware of to cause arguments between expats on purpose. Be it signing up somewhere under someone else’s name for example a blog knowing that the blog owner had a heated discussion with someone on a forum. He then starts posting on that blog as the “forum person’s name”. To try and cause arguments between the two people.

    Evan Iliadis is a seriously sad little man who obviously gets kicks from causing mayhem where he can. He slips so easily back then between forums, yahoo groups etc. because even in the Philippines nobody knows of him. Even his proudest charitable moments talking to people he claims to be involved with in the organisations back then with him say “who?”. A guy who is simply a nobody and hates that fact! Causing these childish disputes and causing problems even if under false names he feels wanted and noticed.

    Question is lately what is the stuff that was written about Mike Turner even reading this section can you see Evan’s explanation ??

    “In the beginning of this story and in the title, I labeled Michael Turner a sociopath. I owe the world a reason and an explanation for this, it will be the subject in a few lines from now, but first I must introduce his coming and stay to the Philippines where he still resides, the kind of “investor” he is, his constant troubles with the law, who his friends and acquaintances are, then will conclude with this thing, socio/psychopath, a trendy, hot topic now days in the blogs around the world, the latest I read is this one, very scary, frightening!.”

    Because I believe Evan has been faking information and names regarding Mike Turner. Although there seems to be some issues relating to Mike’s associates that have been claimed led to his death and his girlfriend (both shot). The fact of the matter is Evan’s been lying about Mike for years and stirring up hate. The example above is a prime way Evan operates by using multiple accounts and real peoples names. I would assume he’s done similar things with Mike Turner and caused problems for Mike for no apparent reason except for Evan Iliadis being a sad old fart of a cyber troll.

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