My cyberstalker and his lies – exposed with real proofs

Since a few months I am “followed” and “harrassed” by an apparently deranged Cyberstalker named Evan Iliadis.

The Cyber Harrasser Evan Iliadis

It all started relatively harmless, I contacted him in “facebook” to find out some proofs for his extreme harsh allegation against some Foreigners living in the Philippines.

I did not knew those Foreigners, most were not even Living in Cebu or the Philippines anymore, but I saw some of them participating in an Internet forum I joined a few months before.(Dec2010 to be exact, my first ever Forum Participation, I never had an Internet Connection before)

In his blogs he accused that forum to be a host of bad people ( I do not want to repeat the mostly false accusation ), an opinion, which I could not share.

However, after the usual “introductory smalltalk” between civilized People I did ask him for further ‘Evidence” of criminal behaviour in Particular of the  Person who owns that forum. (Entire Conversation here in another blog by another Target of Mr.Iliadis).

He told me to send me some, but nothing followed so I forgot about him and his Promise.
The Forum did not show any Posts of wrong doing or criminal behaviour, and even Mr.Iliadis, “my” Cyberstalker, did until today not send any proof of any of his allegations.

However, a few weeks later Mr. Iliadis suddenly started to publish Lies and Allegations against MY Person in his nonsense blogs, which lead to renewed facebook Conversations.

And apparently he DID react and took his first initial “blog”of and even posted a retraction and apology.
But only for a week or so, then he started again.

Not that I have anything in particular, he simply makes up all those lies and somewhat it is really funny…

The best Part is,that he ADMITS, that he does not know me at all. I got an email from one of his former “Informers” ,or better said,an entire “string”of a conversation between them about me…

Here is the Screenshot of the email

Original Email Communication from a former “Friend” of Mr.Iliadis.

As one can see, his hate is against the Forum Owner, Paul, and he does not have anything in particular against me at all.  

More Important – He admits that he know nothing really about me and has nothing to link me with any wrong doing !!!

So- the Cyberstalker Mr.Iliadis felt that it is time to “Lambast” me… 

Interesting view into the “soul”of a cyberstalker

Another interesting aspect though is the latter part of the email, where he already starts to lie to his (then still “friend”) – albeit absolutely unnecessary.

One can see the actual facebook conversations in another window and look at his email to his (then still “friend”) Apparently Mr.Iliadis already has some troubles with the truth there.
I call him a friend ?? I sent messages 5 times a day ?? Begging him to restore my name ??
What does this Cyberstalker thinks he is ? And where are all those revelations ?

Mr.Iliadis is apparently very very  troubled.

But this will be in another Post with more emails from the Cyberstalker himself.


6 thoughts on “My cyberstalker and his lies – exposed with real proofs

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  2. Thanks for the informative links. Apparently the Problem with that Harrasser and Cyberstalker is larger than I thought.Interesting- I also got an email once by someone named "Philippines Expat", but that was Evan Iliadis. He also posted in with that name a while ago.A trough and trough Criminal, I would say ! Here is also a Link with lots of tips and other tricks of that Evan Iliadis :

  3. Evan has all day to complain as its part of his life. He's bitter, annoyed an angry and in modern society nobody ever says "its my own fault". Its everyone's fault but himself yet he has yet to show one thing he was successful at. He's quick to run down others but couldn't even provide for his family.

  4. He has made spoofed post to my Yahoo Group, used my name to make false post and e-mails, stolen my e-mails, used 10 or more false names to make post about me and stolen my pictures to use on his blog. He is expert at twisting words, making them slander and lies. I do believe what goes around comes around. He has a lot. Now I see he is pretending to be a woman on Topics Forum and posting responses to himself under another of his fake names. Evan has made many false statements using his internet tricks. Doing this he has drawn much negative attention to himself. Check some of the links below:Google search, "Evan Iliadis" for more info. I would refer the reader here:

  5. The pattern has continued with others as it was probably around the same time I was asking similar questions that resulted in Evan doing a very similar thing! What is interesting though is that speaking to those he accused and asking "what is true" and why? The facts are that its extremely trivial disputes in fact for the better part non existent for most people. But adding to that Evan baits the arguments in the first place or posts, he then doesn't agree with the people so they become a target of hate. Seen this happen at least 10 times now. Lately though because he's got noticed as a fraud he's extremely annoyed, not sure if its that or the fact people discussing that he wears a wig. Either way he's lost any credibility he had raised on his fake posting as people are now firing it back at him asking "where is the proof?". Because in reality we already know there is none because its all a figment of the mad man's mind.

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